Ease Your Panes - Window Cleaning Bid Request Form
We hope this questionnaire provides clarity and simplicity regarding your windows so that we can best serve your window cleaning needs.   Please count each window pane as one window.  For example, each double hung window (two panes and a screen in which one pane slides) should be counted as two window panes.  Of course, allowances are made for tiny windows, and larger windows may cost more.  

We will provide this service estimate, and we will confirm its accuracy when we clean your windows.  If the estimate is not reasonable, we will inform you before the work is started.  When you complete the questionnaire, click on the submit button at the bottom of the form.   A representative will respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible.
First Name
Last Name
Street Address
Zip Code
Day Phone
How many stories is your home / building?
How many bedrooms?
How many living/family rooms?

How many square feet is your home / office?

How many Transom Windows do you have?

What type of windows do you have? (see below)

a) Storm Windows, which are extra, exterior sets of windows attached to the original windows on the house
b) French Windows, which are individual small panes
c) Regular Panes, Low-E panes with internal muntins; plate glass or thermal pane glass which might have metal bars between two sheets of glass
Do you have a) solar screens or b) regular screens?
Is there any paint, concrete, drywall mud, tape residue, etc. on your windows?
Do your windows need to be scraped before they are cleaned?
How many window panes do you want us to clean?

How many glass doors do you want cleaned?

How often do you want us to clean?